Alice in Wonderland – Through the Keyhole

I am so excited about the upcoming Tim Burton Movie, Alice in Wonderland was my favourite book as a child and I often imagined myself as Alice exploring her new found world.  As the book has acted as inspiration to me and my work, two of my latest pieces stem from the end of the book  when Alice is looking through the keyhole and she sees herself asleep in the park, fleeing the mob she yells to herself, “Alice, wake up!” to her sleeping self until she gradually awakens from the dream to the sound of her sister’s voice. I hope you enjoy these pieces and they take your imagination through the keyhole too!

About gwen delicious jewelry design (42 Articles)
Gwen Delicious allows me the opportunity to join the past with the present to create one of a kind pieces that transend time.

2 Comments on Alice in Wonderland – Through the Keyhole

  1. I really like both of the keyhole pendants. Are they for sale? And if so, where may I purchase one? Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Thanks!

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