Cash on the Cuff…

While searching for new treasures to incorporate into my jewelry line collection, I came across these reproductions of vintage Cash Register Keys and instantly fell in love….it brought me back to a time when life seemed simple, your local shopkeeper knew your name, and you knew his/hers.  The trip into town to shop was a special all day event and after picking up all of your groceries and other supplies you would stop for a treat at the candy shop.  These Cash Register Keys are the special ones found in particular shops from the local pub to the candy shop, the gas station to the restaurant, each one special in its own way.  I have taken these keys and mounted them in cuff link hardware which is modern in flavor which puts a new spin on something old.  They have been popular as gifts for that special guy in your life and there is definitely one that will suit his interests/work or love. 

About gwen delicious jewelry design (42 Articles)
Gwen Delicious allows me the opportunity to join the past with the present to create one of a kind pieces that transend time.

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