Obsessed with Circles

So as of late, I have found myself becoming obsessed with Circles, they are creeping into my work through the pendants  and the chains that I am using.  I googled the meaning of circles and found that is the ancient symbol of unity and wholeness.  Maybe I love  how infinite the shape is, with no end and no beginning.

I love how simple the shape is yet how it can look modern in my designs.  I stumbled across some chain that I love and have been incorporating it into my latest creations in small amounts, just enough to give the piece more dimension and interest.

Two of my pieces that  incorporate this is my Magnifier Antique Brass Necklace and my Brass Circle Necklace.  The Magnifier Necklace has just a touch of the circular chain that picks up the shapes of the monocle.  The Brass Circle Necklace reminds me of something from the 1960’s, simple yet modern and a great layering piece.

About gwen delicious jewelry design (42 Articles)
Gwen Delicious allows me the opportunity to join the past with the present to create one of a kind pieces that transend time.

1 Comment on Obsessed with Circles

  1. Cameron Anderson, Whirled Arts // June 8, 2011 at 5:14 am // Reply

    I’d love to know if you’re interested in wholesaling to a shop in Victoria?
    Please contact me by email @ whirledarts@hotmail.com

    Love your work,

    Cameron Anderson
    Whirled Arts
    Fan Tan Alley
    Victoria, B.C.

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