“Gwen Delicious Jewelry creates jewelry in a category all of it’s own.  Should it be completely necessary to state the fact that her works are in all ways fantastic and very elegant, ready to be worn and adored by all”-Paige Devries – ACF Magazine 10th Anniversary Edition

Jewelry designer, Bonnie A. Doyle, has had a love of design since early childhood, spending countless hours in her father’s studio watching him design and create.  Her time in the fashion world modeling and her love for travel has served as great inspiration.

Calling beautiful Victoria, British Columbia home, she creates and designs pieces inspired by her love of all things vintage and antique along with a passion for clean and modern lines.  Gwen Delicious Jewelry Designs allows her to marry her love for the old and the new in pieces that transcend time.

Please check out my online store at www.gwendelicious.com 

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